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Dongyang Haina glittery Material Co. Ltd was founded in 1998, professional R & D, production, sales PET glitter powder. The company has a set of advanced automatic production equipment, using imported raw materials, the application of high vacuum coating technology, in aluminum, coloring, composite, slitting, drawing, slicing process,product specifications, colors, a quadrilateral, hexagonal, irregular and five pointed star, moon, heart; gold, silver,plating color, colorful, colorful lights, laser, etc..

Product color bright, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, strong stability, through the internationalauthoritative testing organizations environmental certification, quality and reliable, widely used in textile printing and dyeing, platen: scattered gold, flat screen, rotary screen printing, flocking plastic drop; calendar New Year paintings, stationery, arts, arts and【More and more 】

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Porduct size

The company product specifications from 1/8 to 1/256 of an inch between,

to choose from. please refer to product catalog for details.

Or contact us by phone/email.

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Colour card

This company produces the product as one hundred colors, include the basic color, meet the basic requirements of various industries for color, special color can also be customized for clients. details please refer to the product of the company directory.

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Zhen gan road,Development zone beijiang,geshan town,dongyang city,zhejiang,china.

Tel :+0086-0579-8613 3188



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